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My skills

Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do
My skills
Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do

Brand Strategy.

Here we chat about your needs & goals as far as your website & branding, as well as get to know one another a little (we are people, after all!). Before I dive into designing your awesome website & brand, I need to understand both you & your audience.


Branding Audit

Content Strategy

Creative Direction

Tone of Voice

Brand & Web Design.

Then I'll take what I’ve learned about you and craft a unique, awesome website & brand that’s tailored to meet your needs & goals. Beautiful, responsive, & fully custom are the defaults.

Web Design


Graphic Design

Branding & Style


Webflow Development.

Once the design looks perfect, then we build. I utilize some awesome tools like Webflow to build clean, fast, & responsive websites. My agency is a certified Webflow Expert Enterprise Partner, check us out if you'd like to partner on a project.

Web Development

Custom CMS


Interaction Design

Content Creation

Ongoing Support.

I will also provide CMS training & support for every client - no more requesting site updates for more of your time and $$. As a Webflow Expert partner, I don't leave clients high and dry. I'm here to help your business grow, update, create, and thrive in the long run with ongoing support services. Let's keep the party going!



Content Updates

Design Updates

little  about me.

I've been a design freelancer since 2017, and most recently added the title of agency owner. Much of my design work nowadays is through the web & brand design agency I started alongside a good friend - (check us out for some of my recent work). In all cases, my heart is to use design & awesome websites to help folks be their best & reach their goals in business & life.

I'm a happy husband, dog-father, musician, MCU fanatic, & many more things. In every part of my life - I'm thankful to get to do what I do each and every day to try and make the world a little more beautiful.


What is the benefit of a syndicate?

High-quality deal flow directly to your inbox. We do everything from finding early-stage companies, vetting founders, negotiating deal terms, due diligence and managing the SPV.

What’s an SPV?

SPV stands for Special Purpose Vehicle. We create a new SPV for each deal. The structure of the SPV is an LLC.

If I invest will my name be on the company’s cap table?

No it will not. As a syndicate investor, you are investing in membership units of the special purpose vehicle (LLC), the SPV invests in the company on behalf of its members. This helps founders keep their cap tables clean by having our single SPV’s name on the cap table rather than the 10+ individual Summertime investors taking part in the deal.

What is the set-up fee?

There is no cost to be part of our syndicate, but if you choose to participate in a deal the setup and management fee per deal is ~$5,000 split across all investors. This typically backs out to a 3-5% management fee depending on the amount raised.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

Minimum investments range from $2,500-$5,000 per deal.

What is carry?

“Carry” is short for carried interest which is a share of the profits. Carry for Summertime deals is 20%. Carry is essentially what we work for as we don’t typically make any money on management fees. The nice part is, we don’t make anything if you don’t.

How many deals should I expect to see from Summertime?

 Our goal is to invest in 3-4 deals per year. You will receive all deal memos by email.

Can I participate as a non U.S. citizen?

Yes, foreign investors may participate as long as you meet the U.S. SEC accreditation requirements.

How do I receive deal information?

All deal memos are sent via email.